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    Regional condition

    The core area is located in Zijingang Campus, which is located in Tangbei area in the west part of Hangzhou City and adjacent to Xixi Wetland. It has a subtropical monsoon climate with abundant rainfall. The annual average temperature is 17.5℃, the average relative humidity is 70.3%, the annual average precipitation is 1,141mm, and the annual average sunshine duration is 1,765h.

    Basic condition

    The land area is 16.67 hectares with the facility experimental area, dry farming experimental area, paddy field experimental area, fruit tree experimental area, herbarium area, special treatment experimental area, biological breeding center and other functional blocks.

    Functional Orientation

    Based on various types of experimental sites and facilities 

    Focusing on the construction and development goals of agriculture-related disciplines

    Provides the support for interdisciplinary talents cultivation, scientific research, technological innovation, achievements transformation and integrated display

    Provides the platform and service to carry out practice, teaching, business innovation and culture innovation

    Provides a beautiful agricultural and ecological rest space for all teachers and students

    Contact details

    Zijingang Sub-station:

    Office address: AES Building, Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus, 866 Yuhangtang Road, Hangzhou 310058, China