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    Agricultural Experiment Station (AES) was established in 2008, working with Agricultural Sci-tech Park Management Committee. Its responsibility is to coordinate the construction and management of the agricultural experimental base both internally and externally, and to provide strong supports and services for the training of agriculture-related talents, scientific research, public services and cultural inheritance. 

    There are four internal management departments, including Administration Office, Planning and Finance Office, Teaching and Research Service Department and Construction and Maintenance Department. There are four sub-stations: Zijingang sub-station, Changxing sub-station, Hainan sub-station and Yuhang sub-station (preparation).

    The core region of AES occupies about 113.33 hectares, distributing in Changxing, Zhejiang, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Sanya, Hainan and inside the campus. AES have plant factories, artificial climate rooms, environmental chambers, greenhouses, screen houses,  cultivated lands and other various types of test sites and facilities, as well as complex building, which can meet the needs of the teaching practice in related discipline and scientific research.

    AES has been awarded several titles:

    1Core Area of National Agriculture Sci-tech Park
    2National Demonstration Base of Agricultural Sci-tech Innovation and Integration
    3Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms Test Base
    4Pilot Practice Base of Agricultural and Forestry Colleges of the Ministry of Education

    Changxing Field Observation and Research Station of Crop Pests 

    of the Ministry of Education

    National Science Education Base
    7Provincial Agricultural high-tech park of Zhejiang

    The abilities to carry out comprehensive observation, to experiment on agricultural Sci-tech innovation, to display agricultural sci-tech achievements and to serve rural revitalization have been enhanced greatly.